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How does the travel portfolio process work?

The travel portfolio planning process has three main steps:

Explore: we discuss your dreams and passions – both destination- and experience-related, to discern what trips are priorities for you.  We’ll also talk about what makes you tick, what you love, what you hate, what you’re afraid of…the idea is to figure out where your comfort level is so we can be sure your experiences are tailored specifically to you.  I’m not gonna lie: this can get personal.  The more personal, the better.  The more I know about you, the more closely I can tailor the experience for you.

Dream: I’ll prepare a draft portfolio of destinations based on what I discover during the Explore phase.  I’ll recommend sequencing based on the priorities you’ve indicated and the time(s) of year that are best for you.  This optimizes the amount of time you can spend deliciously anticipating your upcoming amazing travel experiences.

Design: The fun stuff…during the design process, I’ll select the best partners for us to collaborate with and we’ll start the planning for your first trip. You can have as much or as little input as you want.

How do you get paid?

There are two main revenue streams for travel advisors: professional planning fees and commission.  I charge planning fees because my time, my knowledge, and my skill set are valuable.  Hotels and other travel suppliers pay me commission to incentivize me to drive more business through them rather than another booking channel.

What are your rates?

I have three basic rate structures: travel portfolio clients, who pay a flat annual fee starting at $2500 for unlimited travel planning; milestone trip clients, who pay $150/travel day for planning of one specific trip; and consulting clients, who pay $100/hour for review and editing of itineraries they’ve put together.

What is Virtuoso?

Virtuoso is the world’s premier luxury travel consortium.  They represent the collective bargaining power of the best luxury travel advisors in the world; as a result, Virtuoso clients have access to unparalleled service and amenities at some of the world’s best resorts and hotels, plus unique behind-the-scenes experiences and adventures.

Will you only book me into Virtuoso hotels?

Of course not!  I’ll suggest hotels that seem to me to be the best fit for you.  In addition to my relationship with Virtuoso, I also have preferred partnerships with the following brands:

  • Belmond

  • Dorchester

  • Four Seasons

  • Hyatt

  • Jumeriah

  • Mandarin Oriental

  • Marriott Luxury Brands

  • Oetker Collection

  • Peninsula

  • Relais & Chateaux

  • Ritz Carlton

  • Rocco Forte

  • Rosewood 

  • Shangri-La

  • Viceroy

Not a luxury hotel fan? 

No problem – I personally have a lot of love for unique boutique properties – you can see a selection of my particular favorites at

What if I like planning my own travel?  Is there still a way we can work together?

Absolutely!  Travelers who love researching travel but still want the peace of mind of having a professional at their back are some of my favorite clients.  During our initial sit-down, we’ll discuss precisely how much you like to be involved in the planning process.  This type of traveler tends to do better with the travel portfolio package with unlimited travel. 

What if I don’t like the plan you present?

You get as many revisions as you need to feel 100% satisfied with your plan.

when can i expect to receive my draft itinerary?

You should expect to receive your draft itinerary about a week after I receive your signed service agreement.

when can i expect to receive my final documents?

Broadly speaking, suppliers send me your final documents 2 weeks before your departure date. If your specific circumstances mean you need your final details prior to that timeframe, let me know and I’ll see what we can work out.