we’ve all been there…

You start the year with the best of intentions - this is the year you’re finally going to see Paris! Sail the Greek Islands! Sip negronis on the Amalfi Coast!

And then life gets in the way. Work demands. School schedules. Before you know it, it’s May, you don’t have summer vacation planned, and you end up going to the same rental on the shore you do year after year.

It’s comfortable, the kids love it, but you can’t help feeling like you’re missing out opportunities to expand their worldview and experience more of the world yourself.

What if there was a different way?

Introducing: Virtuoso Wanderlist

Developed by the world’s leading luxury travel network, Wanderlist is a tool that helps us collaboratively take dreams you’ve had forever and create a concrete plan to make them happen.

It starts with a simple curation - what destinations set your imagination on fire? What makes you feel nothing but a resounding ‘meh’? What interests and passions drive you? Each member of your travel family goes through the same curation process, so we can make sure everyone’s priorities are included.

Next, you’ll have the opportunity to go through your account and delve deep into experiences and activities available in each destination.

Finally, we’ll sit down together to craft a plan that marries your priorities with schedules and upcoming life milestones.

Best of all, the process provides you with a concrete idea of how much you’ll need to save to make your travel dreams a reality.


  • Individual priorities are collected, then cross-referenced against all travel companions to find areas of agreement

  • Cost savings (such as combining priority destinations to cut down on airfare costs) are identified

  • Specific cost data available based on destination, duration of trip, and level of desired luxury

  • Flexible nature means we can edit and change your plan as often as needed