What is Anthology-Style Travel?

Kathleen Sullivan

Anthology-style travel is experiencing a place through the lens of your priorities and passions.  It's permission to explore the things you love, and put aside the places or activities that just don't do it for you.

When I travel, I weave what I love to do in my everyday life into my travel experience - fitness, shopping, great food, going to the movies.  I want to experience life in my destination the way I experience life at home.  I want the thrill of imagining myself living in that place.

Give yourself permission to skip what doesn't appeal to you - don't spend time in line for museums or attractions because you feel like you're "supposed" to visit them.  Do spend an afternoon browsing in a bookstore or nursing a cup of coffee while people watching outside a cafe.

Decide what your priorities for your trip are, then build your itinerary around them.

Not sure where to start?  Contact me to set up a consultation to talk about how we can build travel experiences that are authentic to you.

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