So...Why Do People Use Travel Advisors?


"So...[awkward pause]...who uses a travel agent these days, anyway?"

Answer: lots of people. Even people who love planning travel and are great at it can sometimes benefit from using a travel consultant.


1) When you have something extra-complicated in mind

Such as a safari, a multi-country trek through Europe, a roadtrip in New Zealand, etc. A travel consultant can be clutch in those situations - our connections with trusted on-the-ground contacts worldwide can make the difference between a trip that's independent and easy-breezy and one where you spend a lot of precious PTO trying to figure out how to get between Points A and B.

2) When you are a stressed-out busy bee

Have a big deadline at work coming up? Dealing with personal issues? Your time is valuable. Only you can decide how valuable, but consider the amount of time planning your last vacation ate up. Even if you love the planning, you might find yourself a bit short on time for your next trip, making it a good one to outsource.

3) When you're celebrating something special

On your honeymoon? Celebrating a special birthday or graduation? Utilizing a travel advisor to help that kind of trip is a great call - we can often line up perks and extras to make the trip even more special.

4) When you want some pampering

Speaking of perks, as part of a global network of luxury travel advisors, I can hook you up with room upgrades, free breakfast (yummers), early check-ins for those times your flight arrives at 8 am and you just. need. a. nap., and often hotel credit you can use at the bar or spa. Similarly, I have access to contracted airfares that can sometimes save you a bundle, especially if you're flying premium economy or business class. I recently saved some clients more than $2K each on flights to Europe.

Sound enticing? It's definitely worth your while to at least check in before your next trip to see if I have access to something that could take your trip from amazing to unbelievable.


Kathleen SullivanComment